Shorinji Kempo Class Structure

Our classes usually contain the following elements:


Also known as Chinkon-Gyo, our first part of practice involves recitation of core verses taken from Shorinji Kempo's philosophy and a period of seated meditation (Zazen).


Or Kihon - we always polish our basic skills before going on to more advanced applications.


Shorinji Kempo containes numerous Hokei or applications. We practice these elements as a pair, taking turns in the attacking and defensive roles.

We also refine our application of techniques through sparring (Unyo-ho) and pairform sequences with high speed and intensity (Embu).


Every class contains a talk on various elements of our core philosophy.

Advancement in Shorinji Kempo includes a written test on philosophy as well as the technical exam.

These two elements are equally important.


Known as Samu in Japanese, members of the branch prepare the space for training and leave it good shape at the end.


You can get an idea what a Shorinji Kempo class looks like from this video feature that GTActivity made about our branch: