Rare Visit from Top Master

On the evening of November 7, 2004, Tahara Sensei (Daihanshi, 8th dan) of Konan Doin, Okayama, Japan, came to visit members in Toronto.

Tahara Sensei is one of the early students of our Founder - Kaiso So Doshin - and used to frequently travel to the Hombu Dojo by train and ferry boat several times a week to study from him. Consequently Tahara Sensei has a very good understanding about how Kaiso taught and the way techniques of Shorinji Kempo were practiced during the early years of the art's history.

Despite a very busy schedule, Tahara Sensei taught us most enthusiastically and continued on until late at night.

He emphasized the intent of each technique and showed us how a small adjustment could make a big difference in its utility. It was very clear that Tahara Sensei expects our training should be serious and that we should always consider how our methods would work in reality.

Tahara Sensei is not a young man anymore but his atemi were blindingly fast. He was able to deliver several counterstrikes before the recipient was aware of it. In addition, his atemi were extremely accurate and controlled.

We are very grateful to Tahara Sensei for coming to teach us. It was a precious chance to study technique from a living legend.


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