Senior Teacher Leads Toronto Kenshi

On August 23 and 25, 2004, Morohoshi Sensei (Seihanshi, 7th dan) of Atsugi Toda Shibu, Kanagawa, Japan, visited Toronto Branch to share his knowledge with us.

Morohoshi Sensei has studied Shorinji Kempo since the 1970s and has been a Branch Master for almost 15 years.

Morohoshi Sensei is known for his warm and effective teaching style and serious research into the origins and nature of techniques. He emphasized that our techniques all contain some "trick" or key point which allows them to be effective against a bigger opponent. The important thing for us is to learn these key points and develop them.

Morohoshi Sensei mainly stressed elements of foundation techniques and then explored how these features are used in more advanced waza. For juho techniques he focussed on

In general he wished to show us how to apply techniques in an effective manner without reliance upon any unnecessary force.

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to Morohoshi Sensei for coming to teach us.

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