Membership Application Process

Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch accepts membership applications from individuals aged 18 years and older.

The process for joining Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch is as follows...

1. Check the requirements for membership (below).
2. Email the Branch to attend an Information Night.
3. Watch a practice session and have an interview with the Branch Master.
4. If your application is accepted, begin training at the start of the next beginners' term. We begin a new beginners' term whenever we have enough people to warrant it.

Beginners receive personalized instruction at the outset from black belt-level teachers to help them establish the basic form needed for general training.

The first class is free. Thereafter, membership is required. This involves completing the membership application forms and payment of the appropriate fees (WSKO Membership Fee $7.00 and Monthly Training Fee $40.00). Training fees are paid monthly during the first three months of membership and quarterly after that.

A full list of fees is shown below:

The teachers of Toronto Branch are unpaid volunteers.

The fees collected are used to support the activities of the Branch and pay WSKO dues.

Toronto Branch also donates a significant portion of the fees to the CAMH Foundation as part of its annual "Kickathon" initiative.

We do not have any profit motive.

Requirements for Membership

The main requirements for Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch membership are shown below.

Regular Attendance

An important requirement for membership is regular attendance. All members are encouraged to attend two full classes a week. Progress in Shorinji Kempo requires dedicated study and practice of our diverse curriculum - there are no quick fixes or shortcuts.

Active Study

The curriculum of Shorinji Kempo contains many elements so it is vital that members keep notes of what they have learned in class and actively work through the body of required elements. In addition, some familarity with Japanese terminology for technical elements is a plus.

Physical Condition

It is not necessary to be in peak shape to study Shorinji Kempo, but if you are over 40, have not exercised regularly for over one year, or have a pre-exisiting injury or condition you should get your doctor's approval before beginning training.

You should mention any health issues during the interview with the Branch Master prior to joining.

A basic level of fitness, combined with strength and flexibility, is an asset when beginning martial arts training.

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