2002 Shorinji Kempo "Kickathon"

Taken from the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health publication "Building Together" (November 25, 2002 edition).

Kick-a-thon raises money for CAMH Foundation

By Bonnie Perry, CAMH Foundation

Shorinji Kempo's Toronto Branch recently made a $7,500 donation to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation to support research into the causes of drug addiction and its treatment.

The money was raised in an annual charity "Kick-a-thon" in which Toronto Branch members perform 300 successive kicks in return for sponsorship. This donation brings to $29,500 the total raised by Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch for the CAMH Foundation since it first hosted its annual charity event in 1996.

John McCulloch of Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch commented "At first glance Shorinji Kempo appears to be just another martial art, however its true meaning is quite profound. Shorinji Kempo was established in Japan in 1947 primarily as a means of developing people so that they could live a positive life and help others as well. Consequently, Shorinji Kempo Branches worldwide carry out a variety of activities in support of their local communities each year. Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch's major charitable focus is in the area of drug addiction and we are delighted to support the CAMH Foundation in this regard."

Mary Deacon, the CAMH Foundation President and CEO, added "Shorinji Kempo's long-standing support of our organization not only raises funds for research and client care, but also sends a powerful message to the community about the importance of openly standing behind our work and our clients."

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