2004 Shorinji Kempo Cornell Gasshuku

Kenshi from the USA, Canada and Sweden gathered for the 2004 Cornell Camp

From May 29-31, 2004, Shorinji Kempo members from the USA, Canada and Sweden took part in the 26th annual Cornell Gasshuku. The Gasshuku was an intensive residential training retreat in which the assembled kenshi followed the Shorinji Kempo way of life wholeheartedly.

Each day began with running at 6:30AM and physical training continued until 5:00PM (12:00 noon on the final day). The evenings consisted of discussions on technical and philosophical topics. The discussions often lasted until well into the night.

The Cornell Gasshuku was founded by Ken Ohashi Sensei, the founder of the Cornell and World Bank Branches. Since its inception, the Gasshuku has always reflected Ohashi Sensei's warm spirit and desire to see the teachings of Kaiso So Doshin being implemented in everyday situations. Ohashi Sensei's legacy has been expertly maintained by Liff Sensei (currently Branch Master of the World Bank Branch) and Dolce Sensei (Branch Master of Ann Arbor Branch). Part of the Cornell experience is taking responsibility for all aspects of the Gasshuku, hence members prepare the food, keep the area clean, set up the accommodation, etc.

This year, the chief instructor for the Gasshuku was Hagata Sensei (6th dan, Daikenshi) of Mt. Diablo Branch in California. His sharp technique and good humor made for a great opportunity to study. In addition, Pettersson Sensei (Daikenshi, 5th dan and President of the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation) and Karahashi-kenshi (Seikenshi, 5th dan, San Francisco Branch) added their own expertise from many years of study.

Several members from Toronto Branch, Eglinton Branch and Huronia Branch attended the event. We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of the event and the teaching staff. We look forward very much to the next one!

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