Pettersson-sensei Visits Toronto Branch

On May 26, 2004, Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch was fortunate to have a visit from Anders Pettersson Sensei (Daikenshi, 5th dan). Pettersson Sensei is the President of the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation, Branch Master of Karlstad Branch and a member of the WSKO Council. In addition, Pettersson Sensei has close ties to the famous Rakuto Doin in Kyoto and returns there often to study. We were honoured to have the chance to study from him.

Pettersson-sensei teaching Pettersson-sensei teaching

Senior members were able to study hoki techniques, i.e. use of monk's "weapons" such as the shakujo, from Pettersson Sensei during the class. He was albe to help us with many aspects of more well known goho and juho techniques too.

Fortuitously, during the same class we also received a visit from Patricia (Junkenshi, 1st dan) and David (Junkenshi, 1st dan) of Glasgow University Branch (Scotland) and Roddy (Junkenshi, 1st dan) from Alberta Branch (Canada). All in all it became quite an international event!

Patricia and David from Glasgow University Branch Roddy from Alberta Branch

We wish to express our sincere thanks to Pettersson Sensei for coming to share his knowledge with us. We look forward to seeing all our visitors again soon.

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