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The Warrior's Path was published in late 2003 2003 Kaiso Day Kickathon in progress We raised $7,000 for the CAMH Foundation in 2003

WSKO Council Meeting in Tokyo (Japan) February 2003 Visit to Yamato Ichinoseki Doin (Kanagawa, Japan) in February 2003 Visit to Ayase Doin (Kanagawa, Japan) in February 2003

Childrens' embu at Ayase Doin We attended the WSKO North America Western Region Seminar in Calgary in August 2003.  Arai-sensei (8th dan) led the event. We attended the WSKO North America Eastern Region Seminar in Ann Arbor in October 2003.  Akiyoshi-sensei (8th dan) led the event.

We were proud to participate in volunteer events organized by Eglinton Branch at the Daily Bread Food Bank and the Yonge St. Mission Visit to Atsugi Doin (Kanagawa, Japan) in November 2003 Fine dining at Yokota's Okonomiyaki near Hombu in November 2003

Toronto Branch Closing Ceremony. December 21, 2003 Yan - there can be only one

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"The Warrior's Path" photography courtesy of James Sidney.