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Shorinji Kempo is a fascinating activity. Through practice we learn how to defend ourselves, gain improved fitness and a sense of wellbeing. In addition, training in Shorinji Kempo provides many benefits for everyday life, e.g. greater confidence, self-discipline and increased energy.

Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch offers Information Nights periodically for prospective new members. You will have a chance to see a typical class and an opportunity talk to our members. There is no cost for the event and you will not be under any pressure to join. If you like what you see, you can also take your membership interview.

Please check this page periodically to find out when our next Information Night will be held.


24th Annual Shorinji Kempo Charity Kickathon raises $14,380 for CAMH (May 2019). ...more
Toronto Branch Charity Kickathon Raises a Record Amount (May 2018). ...more
40th Annual Shorinji Kempo Cornell Camp (May 2018). ...more
Photo and video shoot for the GTActivity Project at Toronto Branch (Sep 2017). ...more
Six members of Toronto Branch attended the 2017 World Taikai and Study Session in San Mateo, California (Jul-Aug 2017). ...more
Our 22nd Annual Charity Kickathon exceeds $10,000 goal (May 2017) ...more
2016 WSKO North America Study Session & Taikai (Jul 2016) ...more
Our 21st Annual Charity Kickathon raises over $9,000 for the CAMH Foundation(May 2016) ...more
Our 20th Annual Charity Kickathon raised $9,250 for CAMH (May 2015) ...more
Training at the Hombu Spring Camp in Japan (March 2015) ...more
Our 19th Annual Charity Kickathon raised a new record amount for CAMH! (May 2014) ...more
Toronto Branch members provide Shorinji Kempo workshops for juniors at the Orde Street School (Mar 2014) ...more
2013 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai in Osaka (Aug 2013) ...more
Our 18th Annual Charity Kickathon raised over $8,700 for CAMH (May 2013) ...more
Toronto Branch Master awarded 6th Dan rank at Shorinji Kempo Hombu (Feb 2013) ...more
Visit to Atsugi Doin 40th Anniversary (Sep 2012) ...more
2012 WSKO Instructors Seminar & 3rd North American Taikai in Vancouver (Aug-Sep 2012) ...more


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